Let’s Talk About Skin Care, Baby

Probably not what you were expecting as my first post back from my blogging hiatus, but as my mom would say, here’s the scoop, poop:

Skin care is something that over the past year I’ve spent A LOT of time and money on. Here’s a brief timeline on why:

  1. Had perfect skin most of my life
  2. Was also on oral birth control
  3. Stopped taking oral birth control due to some unforgiving side effects

So as you can see, as someone who didn’t suffer the pains of acne most of my life, this was severely embarrassing and debilitating. Not only did I have extremely painful cystic acne, but I’m prone to picking my acne too, so I had extremely painful cystic acne covered in scabs and scars from picking at it. Super fun.

I was devastated. My story isn’t unique in that I did everything in my power to cover it up with thick expensive foundations, harsh cleansers, electric cleansing brushes, the dermatologist, you name it I tried it. As one could imagine, it took a serious toll on my self-esteem. But I’ve finally managed to get it under control and I’ll tell you how, because like everything else I say, it’s important and interesting.


SERIOUSLY. I was fucking murdering my skin with harsh cleansers thinking it was “oily” until my dermatologist told me I don’t have oily skin, I have dry skin that I’m exacerbating issues with by over cleansing and therefore, my face is compensating by over producing oil. Mind. BLOWN. Once I switched to a more gentle cleanser my face stopped behaving like a fucking lunatic and *surprise* the cysts went away. Also, going to a dermatologist you like and think has your best interests in mind is key for anyone struggling with chronic acne or other skin problems. Western medicine can be shit sometimes, but if you have skin issues find yourself a good derm and you’ll thank yourself later for it.


Ok, not that much. Drink about half your body weight in ounces though. I.e. if you’re 120 lbs drink 60 ounces of water a day at the minimum. I know you’re so fucking tired of this cliché advice but it’s cliché because it’s important. I drink water all day long, but it wasn’t until I was consistently drinking enough water for my body and skin not to be dehydrated that my face stopped looking like the craters on the dark side of the moon. Great album, bad skin status. Drink your water. Download Plant Nanny and keep a cute little plant alive while you log your water intake for the day. Your plant will literally die if you don’t take care of it, so you can wrestle with double the guilt of not staying on track by killing your cute, co-dependant plant AND your hopes and dreams of clear skin.


Anyone who knows me personally is probably thinking, Jeanine, what the fuck, knowing that my current status at Sephora as a VIB Rogue (look up how much money you have to spend a year there to qualify for that and judge me later) makes me a bit of a douche for giving this advice but hear me out: Good skin care really doesn’t have to be all that expensive. Drug store products have come a long way, and gentle effective skin care products now exist at your local CVS and not to mention, The Most Beautiful Cyber Place on Earth, amazon.com. You don’t even have to leave your house to get toner, Amazon Prime that shit right to your door in two days time. Basic skin care follows the Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize mantra. Finding good products for these tasks is no longer difficult. But you do have to be consistent with taking care of your skin. I know you already know this, but just don’t sleep with your damn makeup on. It clogs your precious pores and makes a mess on your pillow. It’s also really bad for your eyelashes to not remove mascara so just do yourself a favor and take off your makeup no matter how tired you are. It’s a pain in the ass, I know. But so is every other damn thing us girls do to be beautiful, and at least in this case having healthy skin is less about vanity and more about your overall wellbeing. Your skin is your biggest organ, so be nice to it and give it the gift of consistency, since no man ever will.



Cetaphil has literally changed my skin, no exaggeration and the very literal use of the word literally. It’s gentle on all skin types and $9 or $10 dollars at your local drug store. Get any sort of gentle skin cleanser, but Cetaphil is my choice as someone who has never gone to medical school a day in my life or even made a compulsive habit of self diagnosis on WebMd. You’re welcome.


I honestly don’t tone my face every night, sometimes my skin doesn’t need it. But when I do, I use this. Also about 10 dollars on Amazon, it smells amazing, is never drying, and primes your face perfectly for accepting that nice thick moisturizer. Mhm, girl.


FOR WIPIN’ THAT MAKEUP OFF and all of your sins too.

My final note on this, because I think moisturizer is so much of personal preference to people, is just find a good, non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog your pores) one that you like the way it feels on your skin. Don’t be afraid of oils either, but we can talk about that another time. For now, here’s what’s helped me. 2017 is the year of good skin care people, and we can fight our acne with the same fervor our President-Elect embodies while using Twitter:

Swift, with no mercy, and at all hours of the day.

I don’t have any pictures of my skin before which is annoying, I know, but let’s just say it was so bad I couldn’t even take a picture of it without getting upset. I never thought I would even be here, to be honest, or able to talk about it, but here’s a picture of my skin in this very moment right now:


It’s very new to me to be fresh-faced anywhere, ESPECIALLY in the harsh jungle of the internet. But I’m learning slowly to appreciate the progress my skin has made, even though I still have plenty of discoloration marks from picking at my skin like a caged animal and perpetual dark circles (it is what it is) but acne or not, I deserve to not feel ashamed of my face. I take good care of myself and my skin now, so if it’s not perfect, so be it. I’ve got this, and whatever your insecurities are, you’ve got this too. We’ve got this together.

Your Favorite Naked Face,


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