7 Jeans, True Religion

I’m lucky in that my mom taught me how to read from a young age. I gobbled everything up that I could once I knew how to read, and subsequently I find that it enhanced my language, my writing, and the way I see the world. Being literate, for example, was one of the first ways I was able to connect to a faith and absorb its teachings. Back when I was in elementary school, the parents of some of the kids I went to church with would have religion classes at their homes instead of at the church itself. So every week, on whatever night of the week class happened to take place, I would go around the block to the house of someone I was in elementary school with and learn about the bible, Catholicism, and God.

They used to hand out little pamphlets at the end of each class that would have some sort of religious fortune cookie type message. I assume most able minded kids would toss those aside, but I always read them. It was a story, and like any other story, I wanted to know what happened. Even though most religious teachings have some sort of happy ending goodness and kindness prevails theme to them, I think that having that sort of message as a catalyst that shaped the way I viewed the world did make me a kinder person. I was always nice to everyone when I was a kid, regardless of how they were to me. I felt protected by the way that there was a greater Goodness out there for us to aspire to and hopefully, extend to the world.

But eventually I outgrew my faith in the same way one outgrows a great pair of jeans that just don’t fit anymore in the same way- they’re familiar in that you can get into them, but they just don’t support your needs, or your ass, the way they used to. And thus, they have to go.


Just because *technically* you can still fit into those jeans, doesn’t mean you should wear something that doesn’t truly suit you any longer. So you put on your new pair of leggings and pay homage to all the good those jeans did you at the time, but also move forward knowing that you’re better clothed now in an outfit that makes you feel like the most comfortable, authentic version of yourself. And then you also help yourself to three slices of pizza, because leggings stretch. #winning.

Your Carb Loving Gal,


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