Vacation: Liberation or Escapism?

After a long relaxing week posted up in an all-inclusive hotel in Aruba, the feeling I have upon returning home is what one might describe as well…unconventional. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach, eating, drinking, relaxing and gorgeous weather, who doesn’t? I had a lovely time. However, what is it about vacation that always makes me feel like I’m just killing time? During my last few days, I felt this weird sense of urgency like I was avoiding my life and all the things I needed to figure out. At what point does removing yourself from your responsibilities shift from liberation to escapism? Believe me, I didn’t think I’d be in a place that I would ever be coming back from a tropical beach vacation and think, “I can’t wait to handle all of my responsibilities.” So why am I? It seems so hippie dippy to say this, but I keep feeling this pull or sense of urgency about my life that there are things coming, paths shifting, and “inner homework” as I like to call it that can’t be ignored anymore. So while I enjoyed my vacation, I’m back to figuring things out..again.





One thought on “Vacation: Liberation or Escapism?

  1. I swear I’m not that old, so please don’t be upset when I start out…”Back when I was your age…” lol

    But I don’t know there is something about being young that even when your mortality seems like something that will never happen, you worry more about the future. As I grow older I get better at living in the moment. Maybe because when we are young every event feels so new, surprising and/or unexpected and we think it will always be like that. But eventually we gain enough of confidence to know that we’ve faced the unknown enough that we know we can handle it and so we learn to settle down. But that just may be my journey. I still know people who stress a lot and can’t enjoy themselves at my age. I wrote a series of posts last year on qualities that I think make a good human, and one of those qualities was play. I don’t think you should worry too much about whether it’s vacation or escapism. Escape…lose yourself in the moment. The things that are heading your will deal with them when you deal with them. It is healthy to have these moments of play, because we do become absorbed in something that is bringing us pleasure, and it’s restorative and gives us more strength to fight when we need to fight. It’s part of being good to yourself so that you can stay healthy both physically and mentally. If you’ve taken vacation…be on vacation…if there is important shit to do…don’t go. LOL

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